Nerissa Bauer

Dr. Bauer is an assistant professor, children’s health services researcher and behavioral pediatrician at Indiana University School of Medicine. She also serves as the director of the IU Children’s Health Services Research fellowship program and Associate Director of the CTSI Patient Engagement Core. Dr. Bauer’s research objective is to improve the social-emotional health of young children through earlier identification and engagement of providers and families in the primary care setting. Dr. Bauer has led multiple studies examining innovative ways to engage pediatricians and families in primary care through brief individual interventions and systems-level interventions. She enjoys working with families and providers throughout all phases of her studies to ensure the final result is practical, feasible and useful in the busy outpatient setting. She has also delivered numerous workshops and presentations to general pediatricians with the aim of highlighting evidence-based principles for primary care management of child behavior problems, anxiety, and screening for maternal depression.

She completed her medical school training at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, pediatrics training at University of California, San Diego. She did an additional specialty clinical year focusing on developmental-behavioral issues before completing training for a Masters in Public Health at the University of Washington. She was also the director for the IU Department of Pediatrics developmental-behavioral pediatrics rotation from 2006-2011. She is currently serving her second 3-year term as an Executive Committee member of the AAP Section of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, she served a 1 year term as a member of the Committee for Psychosocial Aspects of Child & Family Health, and is a member of the AAP Early Childhood Research Network Sub-committee. She is also a collaborative member of the Forum on Promoting Children’s Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health Collaborative on Healthy Parenting in Primary Care.