Ana A. Baumann, PhD

Washington University Brown School of Social Work 

Dr. Baumann is a Research Assistant Professor at the Brown School. Dr. Baumann’s research agenda focuses on identifying strategies to facilitate the implementation and dissemination of evidence-based interventions in low-resource settings and for minority populations, nationally and internationally. Dr. Baumann coordinates the Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC), an ICTS Core that provides methodological expertise to advance translational research to inform and move efficacious health practices from clinical knowledge to routine care. Through DIRC, she has supported numerous investigators in receiving federally funded funds to conduct studies aiming to accelerate the use of evidence-based interventions or guidelines in different settings of care. Dr. Baumann also coordinates the Implementation Research Institute (IRI), a learning collaborative of implementation researchers funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs.