Enola K. Proctor, PhD

Shanti K. Khinduka Distinguished Professor, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University, in St. Louis, MO


Enola Proctor’s teaching and research are motivated by the question, how do we ensure that people receive the very best possible care?  In social work, public health, and health care settings ranging from hospitals to community agencies, she studies the processes through which organizations and individual providers can adopt and deliver the most effective programs and interventions.  Her research and training programs through the Center for Mental Health Services Research have been funded continuously by the National Institute of Mental Health since 1993.  She worked on a recently completed five-year R01 study to conduct a multi-site randomized trial to test the ARC organizational implementation strategy in St. Louis community mental health clinics.

Proctor leads several national initiatives to advance the science of dissemination and implementation research, in addition to the NIMH funded Implementation Research Institute (IRI.  She directs the Center for Dissemination and Implementation for the Institute for Public Health, and the Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC) of Washington University’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. She advises the World Health Organization training initiatives in implementation science for neglected tropical diseases of poverty.

Proctor was a member of the National Advisory Council for the NIMH (2006-2010) and the Institute of Medicine Committee on Developing Evidence-Based Standards for Psychosocial interventions for Mental Disorder.  She has published several books, most recently Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: Translating Science to Practice, with colleagues Ross Brownson and Graham Colditz (2012, Oxford University Press).  Awards include the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Social Work and Research (2002); the Presidential Award for Excellence in Research (1994) and Knee-Wittman Award for lifetime Achievement in Health and Mental Health Practice (2011) from the National Association of Social Workers; the Mental Health Professional of the Year award from the St. Louis Alliance for the Mentally Ill (1997).  She has received several teaching and mentoring awards and Washington University’s Compton Award (2009).  In 2010, she was elected to the inaugural class of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare and its Board of Directors (2010-11).