Rebecca Lengnick-Hall

Washington University in St. Louis

Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, PhD is currently an NIMH-funded T32 postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Mental Health Services Research at the Brown School of Social Work and Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Lengnick-Hall is a Policy Research Fellow of the program jointly conducted by the Implementation Research Institute and IDEAS Center, funded by an ALACRITY Center grant. She received her PhD from the University of Southern California and has master’s level training in social work and public affairs.

Dr. Lengnick-Hall is interested in applying innovative mixed methods to advance the concept of “bridging factors.” Bridging factors represent the connective tissue between system parts and are a recent addition to the EPIS framework. She aims to study this new concept with the hopes of: (1) creating a pragmatic decision-making tool that helps leaders manage organizational level adaptation over the course of implementation; (2) improving our ability to select and tailor implementation strategies at the system level; and (3) informing policy and funding arrangements such that evidence-based children’s mental health services are more likely to be sustained.